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(EDITED: dA wasn't showing me this actually posted so it posted like 4 times WHOOPS. I deleted some comments in the process, and I apologize for that.)

SO I stated that my New Year's Resolution was to make sure to update Heartcore every week, right? Well, I'll be out of town for a bit.

OOPS. Let's put a small hold on that!

I intend to make up for it though! I think my resolution should start at 'update 4 times a month' or 'you need to update at least 60 times this year or you're never getting a delicious Dr Pepper ever again'. Something to that effect! I know I used to update two times a week without fail for years, and I want to get back to that point very badly. It's going to happen. Even with my health issues, most of the time I can easily chainsaw through it. Just gotta keep eating delicious iron~ A little expensive, but having a health issue where "eat a lot of shrimp and beef" as a major treatment has it's benefits!

I will also likely introduce a Patreon (since they recently updated their TOS in a way that makes me happy to support such a setup) with exclusive rewards as a good inbetween for incentives! At the very least, an exclusive monthly button. I recently got a glass cutter that makes the buttons look snazzy as hell.
Buttons by tlwelker
(Some buttons made for friends in this shot as well.)

Maybe have the lowest tier enable voting/giving suggestions on said incentives? Suggestions are welcome, of course!

Either way, this is my official commitment post. And a glimpse into future stuff! It's time to grab this by the ass.
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son-of-orochi Featured By Owner 6 hours ago…

I'm so glad this game escaped Production Hell.  ;;
Superjustinbros Featured By Owner 9 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Keystar01 Featured By Owner 19 hours ago
"Let's get Dangerous!"
Nitwitsworld Featured By Owner 1 day ago

This looks like a fun music video. :3
keijikun Featured By Owner 3 days ago…

Okay, it's mobile, but the premise is actually pretty neat. X3
son-of-orochi Featured By Owner 3 days ago…

I may/may not still be gushing about this.  Specifically the whole "playable Lady" bit.  ; u;
superPFXmissile Featured By Owner 4 days ago…

The Evangelion opening circa 1970, everyone!

Never knew I needed this until now.
Sorantheman Featured By Owner 4 days ago
Want to know someone who I have started to pity? Nate Dogg.
Why? Simple.
Despite having a rather long career in the rap industry, despite having worked with some of the biggest names, despite having an awesome voice, despite tragicly losing his life to a stroke, he is only known for Three! Freaking! Words!:…

And EVEN THEN, everybody and their mother thinks it was Snoop Dogg that said it!
keijikun Featured By Owner 5 days ago…

:icongodzillaplz: :iconsaysplz: SKREEEEEEEEEEOOOOOOOOOONGK
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