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(EDITED: dA wasn't showing me this actually posted so it posted like 4 times WHOOPS. I deleted some comments in the process, and I apologize for that.)

SO I stated that my New Year's Resolution was to make sure to update Heartcore every week, right? Well, I'll be out of town for a bit.

OOPS. Let's put a small hold on that!

I intend to make up for it though! I think my resolution should start at 'update 4 times a month' or 'you need to update at least 60 times this year or you're never getting a delicious Dr Pepper ever again'. Something to that effect! I know I used to update two times a week without fail for years, and I want to get back to that point very badly. It's going to happen. Even with my health issues, most of the time I can easily chainsaw through it. Just gotta keep eating delicious iron~ A little expensive, but having a health issue where "eat a lot of shrimp and beef" as a major treatment has it's benefits!

I will also likely introduce a Patreon (since they recently updated their TOS in a way that makes me happy to support such a setup) with exclusive rewards as a good inbetween for incentives! At the very least, an exclusive monthly button. I recently got a glass cutter that makes the buttons look snazzy as hell.
Buttons by tlwelker
(Some buttons made for friends in this shot as well.)

Maybe have the lowest tier enable voting/giving suggestions on said incentives? Suggestions are welcome, of course!

Either way, this is my official commitment post. And a glimpse into future stuff! It's time to grab this by the ass.
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Angelman26 Featured By Owner 1 day ago…

Superjustinbros Featured By Owner 16 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
keijikun Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Angelman26 Featured By Owner 1 day ago
I assume you mean (MOTHER FREAKING) Meowth?
keijikun Featured By Owner 1 day ago
superPFXmissile Featured By Owner 1 day ago…

Ahaaa!  So, this actually happening. :3
sonic500 Featured By Owner 3 days ago
So i got final fantasy explorers a week ago...
and just traded it in.
Its...not a bad game but compared to Monster hunter it's so dull and way to easy.
Like the fighting the summon monsters is no were as funbas say hunting a Zinogre or a relly pissed of Tigarex.
So yeah im sticking to MH4U for my monster killing needs.
tlwelker Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist
Ahhh was it not all that engaging?? That happens sadly, I'm glad you really dig Monster Hunter tho! Reminds me of the simpler MMO times, with the amped up drop rates and all.

Sadly it's a lot harder to try before you buy games these days ;; Especially anything portable. And FF is either a huge click or a huge miss for most people, game to game. FF Tactics was amazing, and FF Tactics Advance?? First game I ever traded in myself, yuck.

Monster Hunter won't steer you wrong tho from what I've played and watched Stephen play! (okay more character customization would be nice but I'm spoiled on that and I know it's getting better) Plus Felynes~
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